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We shout a lot after this word, we shout a lot for this word too. But we only shout, the less we do and the least we care.

You own this life because of a woman, this shouldn’t be told to you ,its natural and a forever truth . The same way a forever truth is that, woman don’t own the right birthright they should get.

Many will disagree, saying we see a woman smiling , studying and doing what they wish, its no more the same.

Loosen your tighten brows, because when the chapters of a woman’s life turn the pages , in every para you will see the struggle through which she has made herself identified.

Even a woman herself forgets how she

treat the  woman next to her. If we give an other name to India, ‘the country of men’ would suit  . Women’s life in India is still a life fighting over just to make men realize that they do exist and they do need to get noticed.

From upper society to the lowest strata, the situation differs but the ultimate outlook has men on the coverpage and women dropped between few pages.

the women arena: women journey

 Struggling right way from the birth to be thankful to the family if she gets opportunities to study and make herself independent.

There too, she gets a limit of packages to entertain, the choice of limitations exceed leads to cutoff in her independent journey. That is how the wheel of  the  journey of a woman in India goes like.

 The beautiful cordeal of marriage sets out the correct differentiation between a man and a woman.

Of course they are different, and they should be different but why anyone weighs more or one less.

The balance of marriage is measured on an equal  sheet,  but  the story is opposite of how the life and age of woman turns into after marriage.

the women arena: women right

The pages fold in a way that it becomes the duty of a woman to be denoted as a perfect sculpture, who knows everything beyond this world too.

Who has the magic to make everyone smile with her skills , no matter what category the skill belongs to, she needs to be a  master in all.

Well, these are the words of a feminist , a reader would comment Of course they are , because a feminist knows who the real woman is and she can rightly consider the phases of womanhood to give a right definition to journey of a woman.