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Ways to Help

Shouting out our problems are not the solution, sometimes we- the women, are she a problem for things happening to us. No, it’s not the dress or timing but it is the sense that makes us think we are weaker and we need to be diminished under man power.

Opposite to that though never means suppress men and fight with them every day, but the sense of freedom comes with your inner confidence. Use your education as your tool, use the law as your weapon, and use your own power as your repellent.

Empowerment is not a thought, but an action to be learned and taught since childhood. The chapters of equality is the major goal to come with an answer that- how can we empower a girl child. The ideas of women empowerment should be taught at home, not be numb when things go wrong, not be felt lower when you are in crowd, the confidence comes from right teaching and there a girl should know her rights and wrong too.

Even a boy who grows up in good guidance should learn how a woman should be respected and treated. Well, the domestic violence, the ill-treated female employees, the inequality of education, the inequality of thoughts, all could get a full stop when the margin of male dominance stops.

The right to express,

 the right to work,

the right to choose

and the right to live.

Well, these are few necessary steps for women empowerment. The empowerment of this 50% population, though women are not 50 till now, starts when you make easy for this human species to live with you freely. Stop judging the class of women around, because they are not judging you either.

Stop making it tough for her to breathe in crowd, your eyes are making her suffocated and then the ideas for women empowerment flourish in every mind once you start with these.

The most basic ways to empower women could be pointed as-

  • Give her the right to take birth
  • Make her grow with equal minded people
  • Let her education be the tool of her success
  • Don’t limit her in the boundaries of judgmental society
  • Free her hand to fly and make a good career
  • Even if she chooses home above career, respect her selection
  • Never diminish her with the drawbacks she might have
  • Don’t weigh her on your graph of looks and personality